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What is Your Information Worth?

Are you willing to sacrifice your personal contact information for 500 free or discounted business cards? Do you enjoy junk mail in your home or office mail box? Junk e-mail? How about telemarketing phone calls? Is giving away detailed information on every important employee within your company for your competition or a headhunter to use maliciously okay with you?

In the age of identity theft, is giving up your personal information in order to save a few dollars on business cards really in your best interest?

Here are some phrases that you may find on some online website privacy policies in the business card printing industry (and many other retail websites):

"After finalizing your order, you may have an opportunity to review third party products or services for purchase... Some of these products and services are offered and/or supplied by, independent companies. These companies are not owned or operated by us."

Basically this could mean that as soon as you click 'Confirm Order' on their website, they may sell or share your personal contact information. It's likely that the business cards you plan to purchase or have purchased won't even cover the cost of actually printing them. However, selling your personal information may reap large profits for the business card provider.

"Your contact information (name, email address, telephone number and/or mailing address) may be made available to carefully selected, reputable third-party organizations"

This phrase can be found on many retail websites. The translation for this sentence may mean: "You may receive a lot of unwanted emails, mail, and phone calls."

"Ads are served for us by a contracted, third-party advertising company. These companies may use a cookie or an action tag, also known as a Web Beacon or a 1 pixel .gif file to track your response to their advertisement. Our company does not monitor or exercise control over these cookies."

Well now, isn't that comforting information! You give permission to sell your contact information and your movements are tracked by these unknown advertising companies with your consent. Then you agree to a hold harmless statement saying they have no recourse to deal with it.

Some companies will issue statements such as the following which declare that they only "share" your information with other "trusted corporate partners." They may still be engaged in selling your information to them.

"Your contact information is only shared with our reputable corporate partners."

"We may share your contact information with trusted, reputable corporate partners. These partners operate under their own terms."

"Abide by their own terms" is a comforting phrase isn't it? The residual effect here could mean that your information could in fact be passed along again and again. In the end, who knows where your personal information winds up!

Color Card Administrator, Inc. (CCA) and PrintBusinessCard.com's Privacy Policy


We do not sell or share customer information with any other company, now or in the future. If this position ever changes, we will have to ask permission from every customer. Information collected on our website is only used to support the manufacturing of our customer's business cards.

We print business cards. We do not try to sell additional products or make money from advertising or selling our customers personal information.

If we become aware of our customer's information getting into the hands of another company or outside entity, we will inform all those affected. Your information is considered to be your property and we value your privacy.

Methods CCA and PrintBusinessCards.com Uses On Their Websites:

  1. We use cookies and sessions to identify a particular user as they go from page to page. If cookies are not enabled, we use identifiers in the URL. These are solely to enhance the usage of our site. These cookies or identifiers are used to store preferences and the card you are working on if you go to a different page within our website. Contrary to popular perception cookies are recommended because they keep this information more secure if you leave our site while logged in. Logging out or a period of inactivity removes all cookies and session information automatically.
  2. We keep information on site usage to allow us to improve and troubleshoot our website. We also store registration information and information included on business cards that our customer's have entered. Passwords are encrypted in such a way so that our own employees are unable to log into your account.

We periodically review these procedures and policies to ensure the highest level of security to safeguard your private information. If you ever have any questions or concerns, send us an email at support@cardadmin.com or contact us at our toll free number 1-888-429-8372.