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  1. You must already have your business card designed and ready to print. If you need help designing your business card, you can use our Design Online or your own graphics applications. Please see our Design Tips page for advice on how to set up a card.
  2. Go to the order button on the home page and click the Upload Button to upload your file.
  3. Select all files for the front and back of a single card design. If you are ordering multiple card individuals, please use a separate upload for each. This allows us to know the quantity, shipping address and other options for each particular individual.
  4. Click "upload" and allow the browser time to receive the file. Small files will take minutes while large files will take longer, depending on your connection speed.
  5. After upload is complete, it will ask for the "name" on the design and the number of sides you have uploaded. At this point, you may see a preview of the uploaded file.
  6. Clicking "Cards OK, Continue" will take you to the shopping cart. Here you will be able to use the online designer to add a backer to your card, if you wish. This is also where you will select the printing quantity, shipping destination(s) and pay for your cards.

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