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Ordering Restaurants Business Cards

The popularity of restaurants in today's society is increasing everyday. With fewer people cooking meals at home, restaurants are seeing more and more customers on a daily basis.

Restaurants Business

The restaurant business is extremely dependent upon quality advertising and great word of mouth referrals. One of the most inexpensive, yet effective ways to promote your restaurant is through using a business card.

What Sets your Restaurant Apart from the Others?

In 2006, there are approximately 215,000 full-service restaurants in the United States, accounting for $298 billion, and approximately 250,000 limited-service (fast food) restaurants, accounting for $260 billion, according to the 2006 U.S. Industry & Market Outlook by Barnes Reports. With such fierce competition, what are you doing to grow your business? Giving your customers a great looking, informative business card is a great way to spread the word about your restaurant.

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Reward Repeat Customers

Many people frequent the same restaurant time and time again. They enjoy the atmosphere, the staff that waits on them and the cuisine. As a restaurant owner or manager, you should look for simple ways to thank these customers and encourage their repeat business. A restaurant business card that is specifically designed that offers an incentive to the customer (buy one entree, get one for 1/2 price or perhaps 20% off their total) is a great way to thank them for their repeat business.


Word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers are the best advertising. If a satisfied customer can hand a potential customer a business card from your restaurant it just reinforces that referral even more. A well designed restaurant business card will assist you in expanding your customer base.

Send Us Your Files

For restaurant owners or managers who prefer to use their own programs, our upload system allows you to send us files done in many popular Windows and Apple formats. Our designers are skilled are preparing files of all types for quality printing, and helping you to ensure that you get the cards that you wanted. Creating your own digital business cards is simple using our Card Editor. Create them, modify them, and order business cards all from the Internet - simple and secure.

Business Cards for Your Entire Restaurant Staff

Do you want to provide business cards to your restaurant managers and chefs? Please call 858-292-7715 to take advantage of our Card Management services. We can put your logo and card layout online and give you a private login. Online Business Card request forms, Approval Processes, Photo and Completed Card Uploads give you the options you need when ordering cards and automation ensures you get what you ordered.

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