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Keep It Simple

Sometimes the best design is a simple one. We offer a full selection of simple textures, colors, marbles, and simple abstract designs so you can inspire confidence in your customers. You can also elaborate on these simple backgrounds by changing typestyles and colors on your card to get just the right look. Plain white and ivory cards are on the top right of this page for your convenience.

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Plain White Card

For when simple is the best approach, a plain white card with black text can still be the perfect choice. The substantial feeling card stock used for the card, combined with the simple appearance can give an impression of being both reliable and inexpensive.

Granite Business Cards

Nothing looks quite as solid as real rock, and our selection of fine granites and marbles can give your card a touch of class.

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Plain Ivory Card

Like you and your company, we specialize in quality customer service. Our Plain Cards business cards are printed on high quality, thick card stock. We also utilize offset presses and a 4-color printing process. We do not use laser printers or copiers. We finish all of our business cards with a special invisible laminate coating that helps keep your cards looking fresh and clean longer. Rest assured that your Plain Cards business card will be highly professional in appearance and very durable.

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Tortilla Paper

Help build camaraderie and a strong company identity by ordering Plain Cards business cards for of all your staff members. Employees appreciate your investment in them when you give them personalized business cards. Just call us at 888-429-8372 to take advantage of our Card Management services. We'll create a private login just for you and upload your logo and card layout online. Online business card request forms, approval processes, photos and completed card uploads, give you the options you need when ordering cards. Automation ensures you get what you ordered every time.

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Moonrock Paper

If you see a Plain Cards business card design that you want to use, simply click on that image. By clicking on the image it will immediately take your selection to the Card Editor. This area will allow you to continue developing your business card by entering your personal information (credentials, phone number, email address, mailing address, etc.). It will also give you the opportunity to use the back side of your card if you desire. Once you're satisfied with your Plain Cards business card, go ahead and complete your order. We will never sell your information. We are not a data collection company. We print business cards. It's that simple for us. In addition to this peace of mind, we also offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means we will reprint your cards at no charge, if you're not completely satisfied with the printing quality of your Plain Cards business cards.

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Desert Storm Paper

These paper textures on our cards, can often help match your current letterhead and envelopes, and fit into the recycled image being presented by your company.

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Have a Favorite Color?

We got you covered. We have all the main colors and some uncommon ones too:

Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Green, Teal, Orange, Brown, Gray, Pink

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More Plain Cards Templates...

Please Note that All of Our Cards are Printed on White Paper

We can make the cards look like plain papers you are used to due to the quality of our printing, but by printing them in full color you can easily add your full color photo or logo to the card as well, as well as easily print white on the card as well. This can save a lot of money if you want color or photos on your letterhead, envelopes, and business cards by using your local printer for the letterhead and envelope and us for the business cards. Most people have to really examine them to tell the difference. Make sure you print these on our uncoated stock for the best effect. You can see our granite to the right.

And finally these Designs are simple but elegant and made to give you the touch of class you need. We also offer Borders and Textures that are designed to make you look as professional as possible.

Already have a Photoshop business card template? If so, just send us the business card psd file and we can program it online, allowing you to edit it and easily place your order.