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The Pansy

The pansy is classified as kingdom Plantae, class Magnoliopsida, order Violes, family Violaceae, genus Viola, species V. tricolor and subspecies V.t. horntensis. The pansy was cultivated using a wildflower species called the Johnny Jump Up. Today there are several varieties of pansies that were created by crossing different wildflowers and pansies together. When selecting a pansy plant for your garden look for size, colors and shapes that compliment the other vegetation in your garden or landscaping.

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Pansy Business

Flower Businesses

One type of business that may want to use a pansy themed business card template for their business card is a flower business. Whether you grown, sell or cultivate flowers a pansy flower business card is a good option. When designing your pansy business card you will want to include your company name, your name, your contact information and your web address, if you have one. You may also want to utilize the back of your business card as additional advertising space. Print general flower facts, print information about the flowers that you work with or even print a coupon.

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Funny Business

Pansies are considered a comical flower because of the painted face like flower design produced by this plant. In the past pansies have been used to symbolize clowns and humorous characters. If you have a business that directly or indirectly deals in humor, then you may want to create a pansy themed business card. When designing your business card look for a cartoonish pansy graphic and incorporate a joke into your cardâïïs design by printing one on the back of your card.

Service Businesses

Pansy themed business card templates also work great for service businesses. The friendly face of the pansy makes a great impression on customers who want friendly service. Business like transport services, home delivery services, food delivery services and social service providers can all benefit from a pansy themed business card. When designing your business card you may want to print a friendly message on the back of your cards.

Thoughtful Businesses

The pansy symbolizes thought. Therefore, pansy themed business card designs can be used by any company that promotes thinking or that focuses on free thoughts. For example, tutoring services, philosophy organizations, academic clubs and psychology organizations can all benefit from using a pansy themed business card. When designing your business card make sure you select a pansy design that makes sense for your business and that also reflects your personality and professional style.

Ordering a Pansy Business Card

If you see a business card that you want to use for your company or personal use, please just click on that image. By clicking on the image it will immediately take your selection to the Card Editor. This area will allow you to continue developing your card by entering your personal information (company name, phone number, etc.). Once you're satisfied, go ahead and complete your order. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means we will reprint at no charge, if you are not completely satisfied.

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