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Basic Information about the Dahlia

The Dahlia, Kingdom Plantae, Division Magnoliophyta, Division Magnoliopsida, Order Asterales, Genus Dahlia, comes in over 30 different species and over 20,000 different varieties. This flowering perennial varies in size from 12 inches tall to nearly 8 feet tall and has flowers that can range between 2 inches in diameter to nearly a foot in diameter.

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Dahlia Business

The Dahlia originated in Mexico and spread to Central America and Columbia. The Aztec cherished this flower for its regal beauty. They used it for decorations, ceremonial purposes, for food, and to treat epilepsy. They even used the woody stem of this beautiful flowing plant to carve pipes.

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This amazing flower didn't make its way to Europe until 1872 when it was transported to the Netherlands in a box. While only one Dahlia plant survived the journey to the Old World, it created red flowers that were so beautiful that this plant was soon being grown by the top European cultivators. Since then it has been cultivated to produce 19 different bloom types.

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Dahlia Symbolism

When designing a business card it is a good idea to think about the symbolism associated with the graphics that you select. While you may select a graphic because you like the way that it looks, to a potential customer it may symbolize something that goes against the mission of your company.

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The Dahlia is a regal flower that is typically used to symbolize dignity or elegance. Because of this symbolism it makes a great business card graphic for companies that prize these characteristics. For example, people who teach etiquette lessons, people who represent models, people who work as professional speakers or people who create elegant products like bridal and formal wear, can all benefit from using a dahlia themed business card.

Floral Businesses

The Dahlia is a big and beautiful flower that makes a dramatic first impression when used as a business card graphic. If you own a floral business then a Dahlia themed business card template is a good option for you. You can select from red, yellow or pink Dahlia graphics for your business card's design.

When selecting your Dahlia graphic you will want to look for a graphic that speaks to you and that creates the emotional response that you want from your business card. On the front of your card remember to include your name, title, company name, contact information, web address and your company's motto or catch phrase. On the back of your business card print a coupon or special offer to entice new customers to visit your store or request your services.

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Ordering a Dahlia Business Card

If you see a business card that you want to use for your company or personal use, please just click on that image. By clicking on the image it will immediately take your selection to the Card Editor. This area will allow you to continue developing your card by entering your personal information (company name, phone number, etc.). Once you're satisfied, go ahead and complete your order. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means we will reprint at no charge, if you are not completely satisfied.