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Keep Things Simple

Basic border business cards are professional looking, versatile, and appropriate for a wide variety of occupations. The advantages of using a basic border business card design are that you don't have to make as many decisions when designing your card, it is an appropriate choice for high level executives as well as college grads, and it looks professional.

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Basic Borders Business

If this is the first or the fiftieth business card that you have designed a basic borders business card is a great choice. While basic borders business cards sounds like you will be getting a cookie cutter business card this is not the case. You still can select from a variety of background colors, borders, and font colors and styles. Creative business cards are just a few keystrokes away thanks to our easy to use Card Editor.

Count on a Good Impression

Accountants are one of the groups of professionals that a basic borders business card is an appropriate choice for. The clean, clear, and professional look of this type of business card makes a great first impression. Customize the font on your business card to match your letterhead design.

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Judged to be a Good Choice

Legal professionals also find the basic borders business card a classic choice. If you are a lawyer then your time is money. You can save both by designing a basics borders business card for your practice. Already have a business card design? You can easily upload your business card psd design using the Upload tab. Simply upload it, preview it, and order your business card. Simple and quick!

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Start Off on the Right Foot

College grads can also take advantage of the basic borders business card designs. By selecting a business card design that is not graphically linked with a profession or icon can increase your job search options. This type of business card is also easier to put together, another great plus for job seekers.

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Put it in Writing

Another profession that the basic borders business card works well for is writing. Whether you're a journalist, a novelist or an online freelancer, this simple business card design will keep your potential clients focused on what is important, your writing. Simply click on the elements that you want and your card will almost design itself.

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Translate Your Learning to Earning

Educators can also take advantage of the clean and professional look of the basic borders business card designs. Personalize your card by selecting your school's colors. You can also personalize your business card by adding your school's logo at the bottom of your card.

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