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Ordering Barber Business Cards

As the popularity of spas increases and more and more men feel comfortable getting their eyebrows shaped and hair highlighted, the barbers of yesteryear are feeling the pinch. Competing in a market flooded with extras that go well beyond a simple shave to include manicures, scalp massage, and color consulting, barbers must rely on affordable marketing plans that have been proven to work.

Marketing for Barbers

A high quality business card gives a physical presence to your shop that can be passed from you to your regular customers and to people you meet just about anywhere. PrintBusinessCards.com is your business card templates company - here you'll find the best and largest selection of business card templates available anywhere on the Internet.

Everybody wants to look great and do it quickly. Barbershops offer fast, easy service in a relaxed setting that spas, salons and hairdressers' lack. Your regular customers go to you each month for one reason, maybe they like your quirky collections, your stories, your coffee. Maybe it's your ability to talk politics or sports with the best of them or that you don't say much at all. It could be that the price is right and you cut their hair the way they want it. Whatever the reason, you know why your regular clients come to you for haircuts, hairpiece fittings, shaves or scalp treatments, so put that specialty on your card. It will make you stand out among the rest.

Customer Retention for Barbers

Give your regulars a stack of cards and ask them to pass them along to friends and family in exchange for a free service for each referral who walks in the door. Word of mouth advertising from satisfied customers goes along way toward attracting new clients. And you can keep them all coming back by writing their next appointment on the back of your business card and giving it to them before they leave. Having that written reminder in their wallet means your clients are less likely to forget their appointments with you.

Professional Barbering Designs

Choose a design from our wide selection or upload your own logo, even a picture of yourself, to make your card unique and easy to remember. Add one of our many Borders and Textures to make your card, your business and you look as professional as possible.

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Send Us Your Files

For those who prefer to use their own programs, our upload system allows you to send us files done in many Popular Windows and Macintosh applications. Our designers are skilled are preparing files of all types for quality printing, and helping you to ensure that you get the cards that you wanted.

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Business Cards for Your Barber Shop

If all of your hairstylists, technicians or assistants need cards please call 858-292-7715 to take advantage of our Card Management services. We can put your logo and card layout online and give you a private login. Online Business Card request forms, Approval Processes, Photo and Completed Card Uploads give you the options you need when ordering cards and automation ensures you get what you ordered.

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