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What is a QR Code Business Card?

What Does a QR Code Business Card Mean for My Business?

A QR Code is a special type of Bar Code which works with every current generation smart phone, that allows the person you hand your card to scan the code and then view a video, open a website address, or import contact information. QR stands for Quick Response, and was developed by Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave in 1994 to help remove problems in tracking automotive parts with traditional bar codes. By making a code which stores information in 2 dimensions it both allows much more information to be stored as well as making them much easier to scan.

Currently they are found in magazines, newspapers, on television, and many more locations. The most important reason their use is growing so widespread is that they are completely free to use and even the smallest business owner can afford to promote themselves using these codes in ways usually reserved for large companies.

How well these work is dependent on camera quality in the phone, and the size of the code on the card. Current generation phones, such as the DroidX or iPhone 4 easily read the smallest code size our editor will allow. Older phones which can't focus as well on nearby objects, like the iPhone 3 require a larger code and some care in scanning the code in order for it to work.

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Setting Up a QR Code on Your Business Card

QR codes can store many types of information, most of which is geared toward helping you promote your business. Our online design system allows you to easily add any of the following codes to your business card. Either choose a template with a QR Code prepared on it, or modify any existing template layout in our Advanced Editor.

  • vCard Contact Information
    You can store vCard contact information which end users can easily add to their phones address book directly on your card. This is generally best done on the back of the card as to store all the information inside the code makes a very large code. To use this feature, simply select any template on our site and when you get to the backer selection portion there is a QR Code template you can choose.

  • Videos
    You can actually put YouTube, Vimeo, and other web based videos onto your business cards. This is a step above just a picture. Not only will they remember you, but they will be able to hear and see you as you explain why they should do business with you or use your particular products and services. This allows anyone with a smart phone to scan your code, open your video, and watch it.

  • Website Links
    Recommeded for website links too long to easily type in, this allows scanning a code and the user opens the link in their smart phones web browser almost like if they clicked on a link.

  • Social Networking
    Codes can link to specific Twitter accounts and Facebook pages just by entering your username for your account. For Facebook this requires getting what is called a "vanity url".

  • SMS Text
    You can store a text message phone number, and the person scanning the code has an option to send a text message to the number you enter. You also can fill in the message they are sending. Works with both full numbers and SMS short codes.

  • Email
    This allows a user to scan the QR Code on the back of your card, and then have the option to either send or store your email address.

  • Telephone numbers
    This allows a user to scan the QR Code on the back of your card, and then have the option to either send or store your phone number.

  • Custom
    We can set up custom QR Codes to support your organization's specific needs via our online card management system. In addition to setting up your custom logo, typefaces, and layout to match your branding, we also can simplify the entry of QR codes so end users can just enter in a ID number, user name, or store number, and the code will open up a specific webpage on your corporate site specific to them.
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Picking a QR Code Reader for Your Smartphone

After you have the QR Code on your business card, the person you hand your card to will need a QR reader app to actually use the QR code along a smartphone with a decent camera. Color Card Administrator and PrintBusinessCards.com currently recommend the following, but will be updating this frequently as QR Code readers improve.

For iPhone Qrafter

For Android Barcode Scanner

For Blackberry QR Code Scanner Pro

For Nokia Maemo/Meego Mbarcode

For Other Devices, you can find a application from Kaywa or QuickMark.

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Our Recommended QR Readers Must Pass a Stringent Test

If you wish to have your QR Reader App added to be recommended to our customers, or would just make sure your QR Reader is capable of reading 100% of codes, then take our QR Code Quality Standards Test.

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