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Platform: iOS
Price: Free
iTunes Download: Bing - QR Code Reader
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
Website: http://www.discoverbing.com/
Version: 2.1 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later.


  • Visual Search Tool
  • Find shops, images, showtimes (along with reviews, clips and trailers), iPhone apps, travel deals, airfare price predictions, flight information, weather forecast, and walking, transit or driving directions with up-to-date traffic conditions.
  • Use the real time transit feature to see when your bus is coming.
  • Add remainder for a business or any location on a map and Bing will notify you when you're nearby.
  • Use Bing Vision to search using your phone's camera. Bring text in to view and Bing will recognize it. Then select the words you want to search for. Scan a barcode and Bing will instantly return product results. Bing Vision can also detect product information from QR code, Microsoft Tag, UPC codes and cover art from books, CD, DVDs, and video games.
  • Check in with Facebook and Foursquare, without leaving Bing.
  • Get great rates for flights with travel deals and price predictions.

Installation Instructions

  • Open up the product page in the Apple App Store on your phone or in iTunes. You have the choice of searching for "Bing", using this iTunes download Link or ( if you already have a QR Code App on your phone ) you can scan the QR code.
  • If you are in Safari click "View in iTunes".
  • Click the Installation button marked "Free App"
  • If requested enter your iTunes Password
  • If you are installing via iTunes you will have to sync your phone before using the App.

Test Results


Not Supported on iOS

The following are not possible due to bugs or limitations in Apples iOS operating system which apple would have to fix for them to work properly.

Test Case 8: WIFI0/4
Test Case 12.19: VCard - Gender0/1
Test Case 12.22: VCard - Relationships0/1
Test Case 12.23: VCard - Related Names and Labels0/1
Professional | Sales |--| At145951 | Businesses | Card | Chair | Featured Designs | Furniture | Green | Michael Thompson | Quick Response Code | Refinishing | Related | Relating | Template | Textiles | Upholsltery | Upholsterer | Upholstery
At131711 | Featured Designs | Lidiya Drabchuk | Quick Response Code
At146065 | Featured Designs | Linen | Linen Supply | Qr Code | Qr Codes | Quick Response Code | Quick Response Codes | Siege Industries
Health | Medical | People | Professional |--| At131701 | Burcu Arat Sup | Clinic | Clinics | Doctor | Doctors | Featured Designs | Head | Hospital | Hospital Equipment | Hospitals | Image | Main Page | Medicine | Neck | Physician | Quick Response Code | Radiography | Radiologist | Radiology | Ray | Skeleton | Surgeon | Surgery | X-ray Clinic | X-ray Tech | Xray
Abstract | At134138 | Featured Designs | Karin Lau | Photocard | Qr Code | Quick Response Code
Business | Floral | Florist | Garden | International | Nature | Trades |--| Arrangement | At140563 | Bouquet | Businesses | Card | Decoration | Designed | Displays | Farmers | Featured Designs | Market | Michael Thompson | Qr Code | Qr Code Business Card | Quick Response Code | Supplies | Template