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Let Us Customize QR Codes for Your Company's Business Cards

We can set up custom QR Codes to support your organization's specific needs via our online card management system. In addition to setting up your custom logo, typefaces, and layout to match your branding, we also can simplify the entry of QR codes so end users can just enter in a ID number, user name, or store number, and the code will open up a webpage on your corporate site specifically designated for them.

At131806 | Background | Blue | Featured Designs | Jozsef Szasz-fabian | Large Quick Response Code | Light | Playing | Pool | Showing | Swimming Pools | Water
Basic Colored |--| Alice Mary Dehaven-herden | At153084 | Featured Designs | Qr Code | Qr Codes | Quick Response Code | Quick Response Codes | Yellow
At141108 | Batteries | Battery | Eco-friendly | Environmental | Featured Designs | Polarity | Positive | Qr | Qr Code | Quick Response Code | Sides | Sinisa Botas | View

Manage Your Organization's QR Business Cards Using Our Online Editor

We can use your branding, your layout, your logo, and eliminate the need to have graphic designers set up cards. We can restrict which fields can be edited and set up a complete approval system to ensure all business cards are approved by your organization.

QR Codes are the natural next step of features your organization should take advantage of. By allowing each user to easily customize the QR Code, you can deploy complex marketing strategies easily in a manner that attracts customer attention and shows your company is on top of the latest marketing and technology trends.

Print vCards on the Back of All Your Organization's Business Cards

You can get the information directly from your business card into a user's cell phone just by them scanning the QR code. Unlike using things like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan the text on your card, a QR Code ensures there are no typos and that all the information goes to the correct field on the business card recipient's cell phone.

Abstract | At134138 | Featured Designs | Karin Lau | Photocard | Qr Code | Quick Response Code
At131706 | Featured Designs | Norma Cornes | Quick Response Code
Backer | Code | Facebook | Qr | Quick Response Code | Social Media | Twitter | You Tube

Franchisors can Set Up Direct Links to Each Franchisee's Store Page on Their Business Cards

The store just enters the franchisee number in the editor, and when a business card recipient scans the QR code it opens that particular store's web page or website.

At131718 | Featured Designs | Laurent Renault | Quick Response Code
Alicia Pastiran | Apprentice | Art! | Artisan | At138606 | Attaching | Blowing | Branson | City | Dollar | Fascinating | Featured Designs | Forming | Glass | Glass Blowing | Mo | Photo | Qr Codes | Quick Response | Quick Response Codes | Silver | Taken | Vase
At131719 | Featured Designs | Quick Response Code | Usmilitary

MLMs can Set Up Business Cards with QR Codes to a Member's Sign-up Page

The affiliate just enters the user name into the editor, and the QR code will open up that affiliate's website hosted by the MLM.

At131697 | Featured Designs | Oleksiy Maksymenko | Quick Response Code
At131711 | Featured Designs | Lidiya Drabchuk | Quick Response Code
At131716 | Featured Designs | Glen Jones | Quick Response Code

Charities can Add QR Codes to Business Cards Which Allow Donors to Easily Donate

Either via donation web pages, or using SMS text donations, non-profit organizations can increase the amount of giving they receive by making it easy for people to donate via scanning a QR Code on a business card.

Basic Business | Business | International | Professional |--| At145821 | Black | Featured Designs | Professions | Qr Code | Quick Response Code | Siege Industries
Basic Business | Business | International | Professional |--| At145817 | Featured Designs | Professions | Qr Code | Quick Response Code | Siege Industries
At131727 | Featured Designs | Mtkang | Quick Response Code
Business | Hospitality | Housekeeper | International |--| Apartment Cleanup Service | At131710 | Carpet | Carpet Cleaner | Cleaning | Commercial Cleaning | Featured Designs | Floor Cleaning | Lidiya Drabchuk | Man | Quick Response Code | Vacuum Cleaner | Vacuum Cleaner Repair | Vacuuming | Washing
Beach | Nature | Ocean |--| At131693 | Australia | Coast | Creation | Dez Pain | Featured Designs | Framed | Gleam | Glorious | Large Quick Response Code | Pandanus | Paradise | Peace | Queensland | Relaxing | Ripples | Sand | Sea | Semi | Shine | Sky | Sparkle | Still | Summer | Sunny | Trees | Tropical | Vacation | Water
Americas | Army | Military |--| Advanced | At131703 | Combat | Featured Designs | Jay Schulz | Quick Response Code | Salutes | Soldier | Uniform | Wearing

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