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5 Business Card Design Tips

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Simple Steps to Ensure Your Business Card is Effective for Your Company

Every business owner needs to have a method in place for personal contact with the people constituting his/her target market. Of course, this is not always possible physically so a medium for achieving this has to be found. A business card is easily one of the best ways of accomplishing this and staying in touch with your prospects and customers. If you have just imagined it to be a piece of heavy paper bearing your name and contact address, you are very mistaken. It is far more than that; it is one of the most potent weapons in your marketing arsenal.

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Now that you are starting to understand just how important your business card is, you also need to ensure that you create the best impression with it. Better still, how do you leverage this weapon to make a major impact on your prospects and customers? There are a few tips you might want to take note of while you are having a business card designed for you:

1. Size: As I mentioned, it is a business card. You must understand that your prospects and customers read billboards everyday and so they do not need to carry one around in their wallets or handbags. Keep your business card to the standard size of 3.5" by 2". This way, it can carry the information you write on it conveniently and still fit in nicely into anyone's wallet.

2. Color: You need to use your business card to attract their attention so you must choose the colors carefully. When choosing a color scheme for your business, make sure you are presenting the image and feelings you wish to achieve. Red, Yellow, and Orange are powerful colors that can draw business to you. Never forget that these colors can be hard on the eyes, so follow a simple rule - dark color text on a light background and light colored text on a dark background. You also want to take into consideration the colors of your company's Logo as well so as not to clash with it. Color choice is sometimes difficult and this is where using a Graphic Designer or the in-house design services offered by PrintBusinessCards.com become invaluable.

3. Contact Details: Remember that the primary purpose of your business card is to provide contact and communication information. Any business card which does not carry sufficient and relevant contact details has failed in its primary purpose. You need to ensure that your primary email, office address, phone numbers, and website address are all there and arranged in an organized, easy to read manner.

4. Reflect Your Profession: The fact is that each profession has an image it conjures. This is sometimes a kind of stereotype. Most doctors and lawyers generally go with cards that are spartan in their appearance and have a clean, refined look. A graphic designer on the other hand, must simply have a business card that is outstanding in design - after all he/she should be displaying their creativity and ingenuity on their card. The bottom-line is that the business card should reflect your profession accurately and appropriately.

5. Fonts: Keep the font size on the card to a reasonable size so as to avoid a crammed effect. Conversely, you should also avoid making the font too small to read. If you need additional room for contact information, qualifications, product offers or services don't forget about the blank space that is available on the back of your card. Many businesses find this to be extremely valuable Advertising space.

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