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In this article, you will learn why you should take a second look at Business Cards with Photos.

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Photo Business Cards can help them remember you

I recently switched banks from a local credit union to one of those larger chains that are ever present in the news for one reason or the other. A month later I visited the bank, when out of the blue, the gentleman who first opened my account greeted me by name. Needless to say, I was surprised how he could have remembered my face after dealing with literally hundreds of customers per day. After chatting with him again, I asked him if he had a photographic memory. That is when he reminded me I had given him a business card that had my photo.

Choose the right business card to give you an edge

Clearly, choosing the right business card to represent your business is one of the keys to a business' success but is often overlooked. That is why you should spend the Time to choose wisely. That being said, however, I believe choosing business cards with photos will give you an edge over your competitors.

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Remember that story your grandpa used to tell about how he knew every customer by name and vice versa? How he had been in business for over 30 years and that his business survived the great depression thanks to great customers. What does your grandpa's story have to do with business cards with photos? Plenty and you should listen more to your grandpa.

Currently, we are in a deep recession and your business has to compete like never before for each customer. Personal relationships and Customer Service are at the forefront of business strategy to survive this downturn. One way to quickly develop personal relationships is to have your customers feel they know you. Business cards with photos allow a potential customer to develop an initial connection, where your name is associated with your face.

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Your Photo Business Card will help people find you

Imagine yourself Running a quick errand to the store, when out of the blue someone comes up to you and says, "You are so and so right, owner of XYZ business? I'm Susie Q, and I could use your help". Clearly, this potential customer is already comfortable with you, because in their mind they "know" you from your business card with photo.

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